Costock Village in Nottinghamshire

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St Giles Church

Priest in Charge

Revd Tim Parker

Associate Priest

Revd Pat Edwards


Revd Michael Allen

Licensed Readers

Sue Waterstone and John O’Nions

Recognised Lay Reader

Sue Shaw

Church Wardens

Kath Owen and Gill Starmer

PCC Secretary

Sue Waterstone

Gift Aid Secretary

John Young





3rd December

11:00 am

Advent After Sunday Holy Communion

Rev Pat Edwards

Sue Waterstone

10th December

11:00 am

2nd Sunday of Advent Martins

Sue Waterstone

17th December

4:00 pm

3rd Sunday of Advent Family Sunday Service

Sue Waterstone

24th December

11:30 am

Christmas Eve       First Communion of Christmas    

Rev Pat Edwards

25th December

11:00 am

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas

Sue Waterstone

31st December

No service at Costock

16th & 17th December

Christmas Tree Festival

11:00 am to 4:pm

19th December

2:15 pm

Costock School Christmas Service

Family Members

Costock Church Events  2017