Costock Village in Nottinghamshire

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History of Costock

CORTINGTOCHE (Domesday Book 1086)





CORTLINGSTOCKE ( Palimentary commissioners in 1650)

The meaning according to Elbert Elkwell "Corts place or farmstead"

(The personal name "Short" meant "Short" in Anglo Saxon

A Brief History

The Normans conquered England in 1066 and compiled a sort of Income Tax return Domesday Book in about 1086. At that time several manors in Costock were held by Saxon thanes Gordic and Algar.

The first Norman lords were Roger and Ralph de Birun (later Byron), the de Birons took the title de- Cortinstock. Robert de Biron gave the churches at Costock and Rempstone to Lenton Priory who held them until it was disolved in about 1540.

Church History