Costock Village in Nottinghamshire

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Costock is situated on the A60 approximately 6 miles north of Loughborough and 10 miles south of Nottingham. It is a small to medium size residential village with 265 houses in 2017, 1 pub, a small industrial estate, a junior school and a number of small businesses run from the village, see businesses section.

Due to its location it has the postal address of Loughborough in Leicestershire but is governed by the Nottinghamshire Rushcliffe Borough Council. Rushcliffe is a Conservative parliamentary seat held by Ken Clarke.

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The nearest village is East Leake, this has a number of amenities including a supermarket, health centre, dentists, opticians, vets, chemist, garages, small leisure centre, Solicitors, Senior school, junior schools, etc, etc.

There is an infrequent bus service between Costock and East Leake but an excellent bus service to and from Nottingham and Loughborough, Travel under General info for time tables or use the button  

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