Costock Village in Nottinghamshire

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Costock Village Hall is an excellent sized hall for parties and functions for up to 50 people seated at tables or 80 people sitting. Apart from the Main Hall which is approx 13m x 6m it also has a small hall which is ideal for laying out food etc. The Hall is small enough to be intimate but not so large for people to be distant.

There is also a bar to serve dinks from, a kitchen for food and has disabled facilities

Excellent discounts for regular users

Costock Village Hall Needs You

The Village Hall is at the heart of most villages, in order to promote a vibrant community your help is needed. The committee needs new members to bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm , it meets about 4 times a year for about one hour and endeavours to organise one or two events per year.

Alternatively if you could assist in the organisation of  just one event per year that would be great, every little helps.

If you can help please contact John Collins on 01509 853535 or email