Costock Village in Nottinghamshire

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There are two main bus services in Costock.

The main service is the No 9 Kinch bus that runs every 30 mins directly from Loughborough to Nottingham (Broadmarsh Bus Station). This bus stops local to both Loughborough and Nottingham Train Stations. This bus leaves Costock at 26 and 56 past the hour for either direction.

The other service is the Travel Line East Mids No 863 which is fairly infrequent. The route for this service is from Keyworth to Ruddington via Costock and East Leake.

In addition there is the No 5 Soar Valley Bus which basically is one a day that will take you to East Leake and back giving you approx one hour in East Leake, have a look at the timetable below.

Time Tables

No 9 Bus No 863 Bus No.5 Bus

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